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Ayurveda Neem Tulsi Hand made Soap


Benifits Benefits of Neem Tulsi Hand made Soap

Neem tulsi bar is handmade soap. This does not contain any chemicals.It is purely herbal and natural. This natural herbal soap helps in prevention of acne, pimple, back acne and skin infections. Neem tulsi soap not only cleanses skin but also keeps it healthy. Neem tulsi soap cleanses skin pores and closes them. Thus formation of acne and pimple gets prevented. Kapha blocks pores on skin. This leads to formation of acne and pimple. The tikta rasa of neem and katu, tikta rasa of tulsi help to reduce kapha and unblock the pores. Tikta rasa acts as astringent and helps to close pores. Ushna veerya of tulsi cleanses the skin and the anti micro bacterial properties of these two help to prevent infection and formation of acne, pimples and back acne.

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Ingredients : Neem, tulsi, glycerine soap
Quantity: 125 gms/ bar

Quantity Product id Cost
(outside India)
1 Soap Bar
1NT-Soap $17.00(US)
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2 Soap Bar

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4 Soap Bar
$ 40.00 USD


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8 Soap Bar
$ 70.00 USD


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Neem :
Neem helps in protecting our skin from microorganisms like bacteria, fungus and protozoa. Hence it acts as a natural anti bacterial, antifungal and antiprotozoal herb. Neem helps in quick healing of acne, pimples eczema and ring worms. It also prevents clogging of pores and further infections.Neem also helps in preventing skin allergy, rashes and infections.Neem is a boon for diabetic people who are always prone for fungal infection of skin. Neem helps to prevent fungal infection.

Tulsi helps in skin disorders.Medicinal properties of tulsi help in reducing acne and pimple. It prevents outbreaks of acne and pimple.Tulsi helps in skin disorders like ring worm infection, insect bites, rashes and other skin ailments.The goodness of neem and tulsi is delicately incorporated in this soap to protect the skin effectively and efficiently

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